The Phone Pouch

As low as EUR 720.00

The FERRONATO Phone pouch is designed to be with you all day and keep your mobile phone safe. Made with Swiss precision and fine Italian leather to compliment your style.

With a compartment for your phone and one to protect your credit cards, the Phone pouch is the accessory you will take everywhere.

Place it inside your favorite bag or carry it alone when you just need the essential.
The Ferronato Phone pouch features the iconic MetaFab lining that blocks electromagnetic waves, such as GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, GSM and RFI.

No Tracking
No Listening
No Stealing
On-point style

This product is suitable for phones up to 8,3 x 16,8 cm


Slip your device in the part of the metallized pouch, snap back the flap. Your are now protected.

Materials & Technologies

Made with premium Italian leather and high-end MetaFab.


within 4-5 working days after purchase

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